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Director, Fitness Instructor, and Personal Trainer in Naperville, Illinois

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A former Marine Officer, now retired DEA Supervisory Special Agent and 12x world record holder. My world record events were fundraisers for charity. The web is full of historical content, media articles and videos documenting my legacy. I'm the international world record holder for the Male "plank" at 10 hours, 10 minutes, 10 seconds (JUN 2018). This was the first of 13 sets that earned me an additional WR for "Most Plank Time Accumulated in 24 Hours"; 18 hours, 10 minutes, 10 seconds. This most recent event was seen by nearly 200M folks over 850 various media platforms.

Returning from service as a law enforcement advisor in Afghanistan, I entered the fitness industry committed to helping others with their health and fitness goals. Ive held many Director level positions. In DEC 2018, I resigned my Fitness Director position at the YMCA to pursue my vision for giving purpose to the plank pose and hosting fitness events that included a first ever International Plank Training Conference that featured a GWR being set by Dana Glowacka from Montreal, Canada. I coordinated and facilitated the GWR certification process and the extensive media coverage afforded her record attempt.

Building partnerships, collaborating with various entities and leading by example are traits I hold dear and have made me successful.

On AUG 2018, I assisted LIVESTRONG.COM with their GWR event at the Rose Bowl as the leading SME w/re to the plank pose. My recent WR afforded me an appearance on ABC's To Tell the Truth, which aired in June 2019.

I'm well vested in support of our active duty personnel and veterans as well as law enforcement and other civic organizations. My partnership with FitnessVroom reflects my passion and commitment to such noble causes. FitnessVroom is a venture supporting veterans through health and wellness opportunities and special events.

My story continues to betold on TV, radio and print media platforms and was even the subject of the movie "Breaking and Entering". I'm the founder of Oceanside Paddleboard in SoCal and brought fitness to the paddleboard industry. Many patrons frequented the business knowing of my fitness exploits and wanting to meet "The Legend"!

I'm the father of 3 sons and I continue to train in pursuit of the greater good served by my world record setting endeavors.

"Set Goals, Keep Score, Break Records....Anything Else is Just Exercise!"

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    • Master Trainer, Independent
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    • Indiana University of Pennsylvania
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What clients say about me
Anything is possible with hard work, focus and commitment. George E. Hood is an amazing person to help you achieve of what you believe you can do it! I did believe in my strength but without his help It will be almost impossible to keep me in the game. He made me believe, that impossible is possible!!
Dana Glowacka, Montreal Canada and Canadian Record holder (DEC 2016)
Georg knows how to train athletes. George has an infectious "can do attitude" which gets people off of the couch and competing in events they formerly thought impossible. Listen to George Hood. The man knows how to make winners"
Brian Brady, Real Estate Finance Professional
If we just look at your service to our Country, you would be a remarkable man. If we consider what you are capable of physically, you become a miracle of nature. But when we take those into consideration with the selfless charitable work you do, you become the most admired and respected man I know.
Chuck Williams, USMC Retired